Don’t Waste Tax Dollars on Unconstitutional Bills!

Don’t Waste Tax Dollars on Unconstitutional Bills!

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Lawmakers take an oath to support, obey, and defend the Constitution. That’s why it’s ever more perplexing that some Utah lawmakers insist on introducing and passing unconstitutional bills.

Rep. Cheryl Acton (R – West Jordan) has introduced H.B. 136, a bill that would prohibit abortions after the 15th week of a pregnancy. Even though the Utah Legislature got rid of mandatory constitutional review notes last year, an analysis prepared by the Office of General Counsel found that this law is most likely unconstitutional. This opinion is bolstered by a recent federal court decision which struck down an almost identical law in Mississippi as unconstitutional.

Following the bill’s release, the Utah Attorney General’s Office said that defending a law’s constitutionality up to the Supreme Court could cost the state up to $2,000,000. Despite this easily preventable cost to taxpayers, Rep. Acton is moving forward with this “message bill” that is doomed to fail.

We need your help to defeat this unconstitutional bill. Email your senator today to let them know that their time could be better spent on constitutional bills and that your tax dollars could be better spent on programs that will actually help strengthen our communities and families.