Resist Trump Tuesday: No “Nuclear Option!”

Resist Trump Tuesday: No “Nuclear Option!”

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Tell your Senator to vote NO on cloture for Gorsuch + Oppose the ‘nuclear option:’ if you can’t get to 60 then change the nominee, not the rules!

Last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Neil Gorsuch were more of the same for the Trump administration: an extreme nominee attempting to defend his record of standing with corporate power instead of the American people.

The important vote for Gorsuch is the “cloture” vote. Voting for “cloture” means voting to cut off debate and end a filibuster. This vote requires 60 votes to succeed, which means Senate Republicans CAN’T win this on their own—they don’t have enough votes. Ask Hatch and Lee to vote “NO on cloture” for Gorsuch.

If Republicans cannot find 60 votes for cloture, tell your Senators that you do NOT support the use of the “nuclear option”, which would change the Senate rules to allow for a simple majority to move the process forward. Tell Senators Hatch and Lee that if the GOP can’t get to 60, they should change the nominee, not the rules!

We will deliver this message to our representatives staff at the Federal Office Building. They only allow a few people in at a time, but we would like to have a presence on State Street with signs and voices to show we believe the assault on the EPA harms Utah!

We will have some materials for signs on hand, but please bring your own if you can.