Stand Up Against ‘Stand Your Ground’

Stand Up Against ‘Stand Your Ground’

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H.B. 114, Self Defense Amendments, sponsored by Rep. Cory Maloy, proposes that a person is not required to retreat against an aggressor, and that a person is justified in threatening or using force against another individual if they have reason to believe force or the threat of force is necessary for their defense. The bill also proposes that failure for an individual to retreat to safety from an aggressor before retaliating is not relevant in legally determining whether the individual acted reasonably, even if safety could be achieved by retreating. This is problematic because “no-retreat” rules have aided in the exoneration of racist, sexist, and exceedingly violent individuals in the name of self-defense.

Rep. Sandra Hollins stated outrage against this bill, saying it would open the floodgate for the “unnecessary escalation of dangerous situations.”

Email your senator today and tell them to say vote “no” on H.B. 114!